What Clients Are Saying

I have experience with managing my own properties, and with using property managers. Hammond and Hammond was recommended to me from a real estate professional, and I have found their service to be far, far beyond my expectations. It is possible that my previous experience with property managers was so horrific that “normal” seems “fantastic,” but I don’t think so. These folks are professional. They communicate. They handle the finances with integrity. They are responsive and flexible. Though I live 1500 miles away, I never worry about my investment property because I know it is in good hands.

– Owner, Property in Northridge

I have been working with Hammond and Hammond management co. for 7 years, leasing my big house in Sherman Oaks, CA. I would like to express my feeling in few words. Leasing the house is my pension plan, so it was important that it will be occupied all the time with good tenants. Through all this period Hammond and Hammond treated my house in a professional manner by finding good tenants with good market price rent and they always were available to help me sort out any difficulty while the tenant was in the house. All the staff is great especially their manager Frank Gallucci. It is a real professional and caring company and I highly recommend them.

– Owner, Property in Sherman Oaks

I hired Hammond and Hammond to rent our family home and I could not believe how quickly they found a great tenant. I am so happy with everything they have done for me and my family so far. It has been a great comfort to me, to have a company that I can trust, and that can take care of all the responsibility of a rental property. From the very start, they have resolved of all the issues immediately. The staff is always there for me and I am very satisfied with their professional service and knowledge. I would highly recommend Hammond and Hammond, Inc.

– Owner, Property in Northridge

I was very fortunate to have the management company of Hammond & Hammond renting a townhome to myself and my daughter. They were very quick to repair any time I requested, AND they were able to complete the repair while I was at work. The staff is very helpful and trained in problem-solving. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

– Tenant, Property in Woodland Hills

Hammond & Hammond manages property for my family. My grandpa had a renter that was never paying his rent on time or sometimes at all and my grandpa it was very stressed about it. Once Hammond & Hammond took over, the renter actually started paying every month and on time and my grandpa didn’t have to worry about a thing anymore! That renter eventually left but Hammond & Hammond found a new one very quickly! They get the job done for you and they are very responsive and friendly people!!

– Owner, Property in Sylmar

I’m a property owner and customer of H&H. Have been with H&H for 8 years now and honestly love their service, attention to detail, professionalism, etc. Frank and Raine are wonderful people and have taken care of our properties like their own. Highly recommend them for property management, real estate expertise and rental services!

– Owner, Property in Porter Ranch

I own a property that I’ve been renting out for the past 5 years. The house, the whole rental process and the complete relationship with the tenant is managed by Hammond and Hammond. I am very happy with the service that H&H has been providing to me as a property owner. They enable me to be completely hands-off. The only thing I ever need to do is approve the costs for repairs and maintenance when they arise. Otherwise, H&H takes care of everything: finding renters, negotiating the lease agreement, dealing with repairs and the gardener and the pool guy, interacting with the renters, getting competitive bids for repairs and maintenance. Every month I get a direct deposit into my bank account and I get an email statement, and around tax season I get an annual statement. I trust H&H and I don’t believe I could find another company that would make renting out my property any easier or less stressful.

– Owner, Property in Woodland Hills

I live in the UK and previously, it’s been a nightmare trying to manage my condo rental on my own or through other companies, but not now. I never have to worry with Hammond and Hammond, no matter what my request is, they do it and they do it immediately and I know it’s done, I don’t have to worry, they take all of the stress out…Thank you, Joanna and everyone else at H&H, you have made my life so much easier! I cannot recommend them highly enough, they care!

– Owner, Property in North Hollywood

I first used Hammond back in 2000 to manage a rental; they did a great job until I sold the house. Then in 2008 I bought another rental, so I called Hammond and they are now managing it, and I have added 2 more rentals that they also handle. Great job, no drama they handle everything and the rent just shows up in my bank a/c… doesn’t get any easier than that.

– Owner, Properties in Thousand Oaks

This is by far the best management company I’ve dealt with in all my years of renting! Everyone is very helpful and when a problem arises fast to take care of it for me. Raine and Victoria are amazing!! Highly recommend renting a property through Hammond and Hammond!

– Tenant, Property in Valley Village

I am a current tenant of a property Hammond and Hammond Inc. manages in Sherman Oaks. I wanted to let everyone know that this company is really a very great company to rent from, and they have been prompt at fixing any concerns with my unit. When you look for an apartment to live in, it can be difficult to know what to expect. However, I can tell you with total confidence that this is a reputable and outstanding company to rent from.

– Tenant, Property in Sherman Oaks

When my husband was transferred to Canada we moved in a hurry. We left our home empty and vacant. Hammond & Hammond jumped right in! They cleaned it up, advertised and rented it for us ASAP. Knowing we didn’t have to worry about collecting the rent and maintenance issues from 3000 miles away was a huge relief. That was over 3 years ago! Now that we’ve moved back we have kept the house as a rental and Hammond & Hammond continues to manage it. Even though we are close enough to do it ourselves the management fees are well worth it. They have access to advertising, tenant screening and maintenance discounts that we couldn’t do on our own. I recommend H&H to friends who need a reliable property management company.

– Owner, Property in West Hills